Why the mutual aid model is a powerful system❓

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If only 10 people are in the mutual aid system.

Each person's pH is $ 1,000. The total PH value is 10,000 yuan.

Assume that no new registered members are added. Everyone also no longer increases the upper limit of the amount of donated PH funds. The total monthly increase of 10 people is 30% Mavro.

📮Mavro adds 300 yuan per person per month.

The 10 members have a monthly increase of 3,000 yuan Mavro.

A cumulative increase of 10,000 yuan Mavro for 100 days.

According to this logic, the system can run stably for 100 days without adding any new members. At the same time, everyone does not need to increase the amount of donated PH funds.

📮 But within 100 days. A team of 10 people does not add new registered members. Is impossible. The 10-person team participant does not increase the amount of donated PH funds. It is also impossible.


The 10-person team added 3 members in the first month. Each person donated 1,000 yuan Mavro for a total of 3,000 yuan. The first month covered 10 people with Mavro growth, following this logical reasoning. When all participants provide a fixed fund of 1,000 yuan forever, the ratio of newly added registered members is 10: 3.

However, as participants continue to increase the amount of funding provided. The new registration growth may be at 10: 1 or lower to cover Mavro's growth for everyone in the front.

📮This is a powerful logical model of mutual assistance. The essence of finance is the space-time exchange of capital circulation. The mutual assistance model is the same as that of banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Since banks and insurance companies can run pension funds for a long time, the mutual aid model can also run for a long time.

❇️ Banking model / Insurance company model / Retirement/Pension fund model

▪️How these three models work together:

🔹1: The money of the latter is used to pay the former.

🔹2: The central management of depositor's funds (which can be arbitrarily diverted for various uses by the Bank/Insurance/Pension company)

🔹3: No one can monitor where funds go and where they are used.

▪️All these three models are the world's largest legitimize Ponzi scheme.

🦋Don't need me to spread the basics to you. This should be your most basic perception.

▪️Since the financial crisis in 2008, various changes have taken place in the world economy.

Governments have gradually revised the extension of the retirement age leading to collective strikes / protests.

Lack of retirement pension funds has led governments to modify and extend the retirement age.

Capitalism they continue to create economic bubbles and hold everyone accountable.

🔹For a bank, there is no need to increase the number of depositors indefinitely. As long as you can guarantee that the money leaving the bank will be deposited again, you can generate countless distribution funds (regardless of the deposit reserve), which can run forever and always give out loans. This practically why our local banks can exist for years.

🔹So is MMMBSC Global Mutual Aid System. There is no need to increase the number of depositors indefinitely. As long as the money leaving the system is re-deposited, 1% daily reward plus all bonuses can be derived indefinitely.

🔹 The money in the bank. Who pays the interest⁉️

Is it from the bank or is it from all savers? They tell you it is invested in other business where the profit is coming from, but how do you verify the truth?

🔹Who bought the insurance, the insurance incident happened, who paid the insurance claims⁉️

Is it from the insurance company or all the existing policyholders?

🔹Whether it is an insurance company or a bank or even the Pension houses, they are all money intermediaries that play a matching role, but in the process, they make huge profits.

🔹Can ordinary people, through a platform, help each other to help each other, and still get up to 30% of the monthly income?

... Without centralised intermediaries to match?Realize the automated operation of blockchain smart contracts!

🔹At present, there is a platform, MMMBSC blockchain, mutual assistance. Participants help each other, and protect each other. Everyone can get up to 30% monthly reward in the system to support themselves financially.

🔹Participating in the de-intermediation of MMMBSC mutual aid system you can start with $10. Make 2020 a financial hassle free year for you. Act now!
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