Where Does MMM Mutual Fund Gets The Mavro Growth❓

Don Nelson

Staff member
📮1: From a financial point of view, it comes from the time difference and space difference of money circulation. Currency circulation produces value. It is similar to the banking system and the pension fund model.

📮2: From an ideology perspective, it comes from free donations from global participants. Mutual donation is voluntary and no one is forced. The law never prohibits people from helping others without compensation.

📮3: From the perspective of life, it comes from the highest life experience. The final interpretation of the thoughts of the five religious leaders is to let people contribute.

Dedication that does not expect any return. But people don't understand or can't do it.

✍️However, Mavrodi brings you directly into the life experience through a mutual help model, directly into the dedication. This is the fastest way to practice. If your heart is really committed to helping others, this is where five religious leaders lead people to go.

🌈In MMM BSC there is no investment income, no company, no business, and your mavro growth is the contribution of global participants. The system simply matches between those providing help and those receiving help. There is no profit in the system, no commitment or guarantee for your donation.

🎯Please always make a donation from your spare funds. No need for borrowing to participate in the system or using a substantial amount. This is the truest voice in the world. It is the most transparent and fair system in the world. No more cheating and cheating in MMMBSC system.

♐️ Together, let's change the world and destroy the unequal financial order. In a fair world, kindness and honesty are no longer myths, we make them come true❗️