What is the reason that many imitators' systems cannot run longevity?

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Let's start by analyzing the financial logic of MMMBSC and the Imitators systems.

♻️. In MMMBSC Mavro grows only when it is still frozen and once unfrozen mavro stops growing, this logic ensure that there won't be excess growth in mavro and by such, participants can't get more than 30% growth in system in one participation cycle.

🛑 In Imitators system mavro grows without limitations frozen or unfrozen and participants gets countless interest causing the system to pay more interest than it gets.

♻️.In MMMBSC Every 2 PH orders will extend the Frozen period by 1 more day but no yield will be increased in the extended days. This logic is adopted to help the system buy more time to gain more inflow of money before paying out and the interest becomes lower while the system could restrain interest bubble from expanding infinitely.

🛑 imitators systems doesn't extend frozen period and allows participants to GH as they PH, this makes the system to pay out more money without having enough inflow to balance the outflows.

♻️.In MMMBSC Managers in the system needs to associate with frozen funds of equal amount at 1:1 of their Unfrozen mavro . for managers to GH managers bonus, they need to PH back the exact amount they want to GH before they can GH mangers bonus. E.G. if a manager earned 1000 PAX as bonus and want to GH this bonus of 1000 PAX, He must PH 1000 PAX first and pay out 50% of 500 PAX then He can GH his 1000 PAX bonus from the system. This logic stops the managers in the system from draining the funds in the system without putting back.

🛑 imitators systems allows guiders/managers GHing their bonus with out PHing back to the system and this drains the funds in their systems leaving the system with higher outflows than inflows.

♻️.In MMMBSC Introduction of Jackpot fund model: Jackpot fund is the reserved fund of 2% of every PH paid by Every participants in the system as a selfless contribution to help pay back all the last batch of help providers to get 5 to 10 times reward. With this logic there won't be late comers in the system and the last batch of participants will still make money.

🛑 imitators system does not have any kind of reserved funds rather they pay out more money than the system get through excess growth of mavro and excess bonus awarded to their participants. Last batch of participants looses all their money in the system.

♻️. In MMMBSC has the power of decentralized system. The blockchain smart contract which the system is built on executes automatically and runs free from human control. This logic solves the problem of Greedy admins stealing system money and giving fake data analysis about the system.

🛑 Greedy Admins of Centralized sever systems steals money from the system.

MMMBSC is an innovative model which combines its financial revolution with modern technological revolution.

👆👆👆👆👆 this is the way to financial freedom.


♐️ Unreasonable, unrealistic, and fictitious mavro growth is one of the factors that always lead to the problem of the system. They tend to lure people into their system throwing crazy mavro growth which an average human supposed to know can't be sustained but always led by greed to such system.
♐️ No adequate measures in place to check mate the actions of speculators, hit and run guys whose overall motive is to establish a parasitic relationship with the system.

♐️ No checks on Leaders/Guiders/Managers excesses. Many of them only GH in the system without their own personal contributions thereby causing more outflows compared to the inflows which in a shortwhile always contributed to system liquidity challenges.

♐️ Centralised administration process concentrated most of the powers in the admins. Manipulation, dishonesty, frauds, insincerity can always creep in at anytime hence having negative effect on the system existence. The system is always at the mercy of the admins since its a centralised system.

♐️ No proper mechanism in place should they encounter a situation where GH exceed PH. No plan for continuity when they eventually hit a rock. Failed to plan then they must plan to fail!

♐️ Their members are not properly educated on the whole ideology of MMM. Many see it as an investment rather than taking it as a global donations platform. Because the members are not deeply rooted in the ideology they are easily distracted.

♐️ They issues of fake POP, delay in confirmation, delay in payment, slow response time from CRO, all these do generate to panic in the system which always lead to the death of the system.

♐️ They are easily affected by media interferences and government interferences due to their operations mechanism attached to local currencies.

♐️ Inconsistency in their operating mechanisms always send negative signals to its members which atimes trigger panic leading to the death of the system.

♐️ The volatility encountered in crptocurrencies market always discourage members to continue participating in mutual aid system that uses cryotocurrencies as means of participating.

🔯 MMMBSC is the Game Changer!

Don't waste the opportunity you have now to be at the forefront to prevent blaming yourself months to come.
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