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❇️Jackpot fund is the contributions that comes from all MMMBSC participants. This is 2% of every Provided help value in the system.

❇️For example if Tracy joins MMMBSC today and intends to participate in the system with 100$ pax, Tracy will calculate the 2% of the 100pax and contribute it to the jackpot fund using the MAVRO FUND button on the dashboard. 2% of the 100pax is 2pax.Therefore, Tracy can contribute 2pax to the prize pool before providing PH100pax.

❇️Jackpot fund is a reserve for the last batch of people to ensure that the last set of help provided will not be lost in the event of system restart. When the countdown time is 00:00:00, it will give the helper of the last group in the system a prize of up to ×5-10 times of the PH in a reverse order. Similarly, from this 2% jackpot, 0.8% is called the exploration fund, which is used by the administrator to manage the day-to-day running activities of the system.

❇️The admins of MMMBSC don't touch participants PHs for system runnings.The blockchain intelligent contract automatic system runs, the contract code management operation is executed, and no one can personally match the PH/GH information.In the case of open and transparent data and transaction bills, it is impossible to make public cheating and theft.

❇️The Jackpot fund of 2% is broken down as follows:
👉The jackpot funds 0.5% (25%)
👉The funds of refund 0.5% (25%)
👉The preparatory jackpot 0.2% (10%)
👉The exploration funds 0.8%(40%)

🛑 An Illustration of how the Jackpot pool fund is allocated

📍A Participant want to provide help with 5000PAX which will consume 2% as Mavro Fund. 2% of 5000Pax= 100PAX.

📍Participant immediately purchased the 100PAX Mavro Fund for use as a PH order.
PH5000PAX consumes 2% = 100PAX

📍This is how the 2% Mavro Fund purchased is spread;


👉 2%=100%=100PAX
👉0.5%=25%=25PAX--Jackpot Fund
👉0.5%=25%=25PAX-- Fund of Refund
👉0.2%=10%=10PAX-- The Preparatory Jackpot
👉0.8%=40%=40PAX--Exploration Fund

♻️ In MMMBSC everything is transparent!