What if the person lost mnemonic phrase or password of GH wallet ⁉️

Don Nelson

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♐️1)After the mnemonic of the wallet is lost, whoever gets the mnemonic of the wallet will have all the assets of the wallet.

If your wallet mnemonic is just not found, instead of being stolen by others, your wallet will work.

However, if you replace the device or refresh the device, you need to import the mnemonic when you download the wallet from the new download.
At this point, your wallet is completely unusable. Because the mnemonic can't be found, you can't find your wallet successfully.

♐️2)If that happens you will discontinue using that PO because the wallet address already registered can't be altered. Also the mavro in such PO will be like a gift to the community since it’s not withdraw able.

Its each an everyone's duty to keep his or her wallet safe all the time. Your wallet mnemonic is unique. Once lost, your assets will never be recovered. This is the basics that everyone must understand.

Once you write your wallet mnemonic secret words somewhere offline may be in your diary or any safer means then you shouldn't worry of losing your wallet.

♐️3)Ensure you back up your pax/eth wallet that you added to your MMMBSC account so that you can easily retrieve the wallet incase of necessity.

Note that in MMMBSC you can't edit wallet section nor add a new wallet address once a wallet address has been verified attached to your PO.

So be proactive and back up your wallet mnemonic words today and write it somewhere in a diary that you can easily access when need be.

Always advice your prospective downlines to do thesame immediately they sign up on the system.
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