MMMBSC is a mutual aid system where people across the globe voluntarily help one another on the principle of benevolence, gratuitousness and reciprocity. The system was launched on the 1st of June, 2019 after studying the flaws of old traditional MMM systems and addressed the flaws encountered in the old system by adopting a technology called Blockchain Smart contract and putting in place system operational mechanisms structured towards vitality and longetivity.

MMMBSC is not a company nor investment but a donation system where all members assist one another through contributions to donations pool. Today you help someone and tomorrow you are helped as well and no law forbid helping one another hence all that is done in MMMBSC doesn't contravene any law.


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👉 Read Document: https://bit.ly/2tmZEMH

Registration link

https://www.mmmbsc.global/[email protected]



♻️• BUY MAVRO FUND Minimum 10PAX for 2% of intended PH, unlock PH request. The 2% goes to jackpot fund.

♻️• PH APPLICATION - 50%matching and balance 50% matched 1-15 days.

♻️ 15 days locking after successful payment of full PH.

♻️All PH are defrost after 15 days locked period, and GH request must be preceded by PH request and 50% successful payment unlock GH.

♻️ Every PH and GH transaction is self executed by blockchain SMART CONTRACT

💰 System currency is PAX USD non volatile stable token


💰Minimum PH is 100PAX = 100$

💰Maximum PH - 10000PAX = 10000$

💰Minimum GH - 100PAX +fraction (Deposit + mavro growth.)

💰Maximum GH - Unlimited


☑️• 5% from the PH of your direct referral's deposit

☑️• Available for withdrawal immediately full payment is made.



🔺• available for withdrawal at defrost date of referral PH full payment.

🔺• Available every time team members PH

✳️ Generation 4 Leadership Award 11%:

if you have recommended/referred 10 people and have 50 people in your team, you may be promoted to Team Leader.

Winning the leadership award : after team members’ PH orders are unfrozen, the leadership award will be immediately given.

👉5% for Generation 1

👉1% for Generation 2

👉2% for Generation 3

👉3% for Generation 4

✳️ Generation 51 Manager Award 19.2%:

If you have recommended/referred 20 people and own a team of 200 people, you may be promoted to Team Manager.

Winning the manager award:after team members’ PH orders are unfrozen, the manager award will be immediately released.

▪️5% for Generation 1

▪️1% for Generation 2

▪️2% for Generation 3

▪️3% for Generation 4

▪️3% for Generation 5

▪️2% for Generation 6

▪️1% for Generation 7

▪️0.5% for Generation 8

▪️0.3% for Generation 9

▪️0.2% for Generation 10

▪️0.1% for Generation 11

▪️0.05% for Generations 12-21

▪️0.03% for Generations 22-31

▪️0.02% for Generations 32-41

▪️0.01% for Generations 42-51

With the Advent of Technology of the Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract------Sergey Mavrodi's Great Mission Can Finally Be Achieved!

For direct Guide contact COORDINATORS or customer service MMMBSC website.


❇️ You don't need to participate with all your life savings.

❇️ The true essence of MMM is coming together of the masses to help one another in time of need benefiting from the donations pool. The ideology is participate with your spare. Spare money is that which you won't have high blood pressure even if it lost! Let the ideology sink in our head because when it does we will all participate without unnecessary panic or fear.

❇️ The money that's important to you is another man's spare. So don't be tempted when you see others donating more than you do. MMM BSC is not an investment, neither a company nor an organization remember. We simply help one another with our spare money on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity, and benevolence.This is a correct understanding of MMM.

❇️ The concept of each person's idle funds is different.Human greed, selfishness, jealousy, comparison, vanity, fear, arrogance, doubt should be conquered. Conquer yourself to conquer the world.

❇️ When you participate with your spare money you pH and GH in Peace. You don't read negativity to a slight issue or challenge. Your mind will be as free as that of a baby. You check your PO, pay for your orders and relax, come back again when its time to GH and withdraw released fund all with joy and rest of mind. You have confidence in the system same way you have in your local banks.

❇️ Its unnecessary panic, fear and pressure that always lead to panic withdrawal in mutual aid system. And the causative factor of such panic and fear is because people take the system like an investment not like mutual aid community.

❇️ MMM BSC modus operandi gives no room to fear or panic. Once you join the system you are already in. If you want to say goodbye then be ready to ignore your 50% because without re-ph you can't GH in the system. MMM BSC studied the participants behavior and implemented different mechanisms to curtail the human nature to enhance the sustainability of the system.

❇️ Mavrodi uses ideas to educate everyone to relax, don't use overloaded funds to provide PH.But people won't listen to him. Because of the greed and fear of human nature, these weaknesses cannot be overcome.

❇️ Therefore, MMMBSC uses legal relativity to constrain human greed and fear, so as to achieve trust without panic. If everyone trusts the MMM mutual aid system like a trust bank.The mutual aid model will receive the Grand Prize of the World Invention. We MMMBSC try to innovate instead of abandoning it or cursing it in the face of a failed model.