My name is Sa Vico. I am from the eastern part of Nigeria. I have been unlocking money from this great and wonderful community for the past 9 months. It’s a community of mutual aid, called MMMBSC.

I was introduced to it by my friend who posted details about it on my WhatsApp line. After reading it, it made a whole lot of sense to me as it presents features which ensure stability, transparency, longevity and honesty. Above all, it is highly decentralised which is powered by blockchain smart contract (BSC).

So far, I have been a participant in the community and I have referred a number of friends to the system of the community and they are all enjoying it. Soon, I will assume to the status of a Guider in the community.

Becoming a member of the community has not stopped me from other engagements and activities of life such as; family, church, work and farm. Rather, the community has added value to me by impacting positively on my financial status. I can now take care of other bills conveniently which before now were burden to me.

My membership of the community has equally afforded me the opportunity to chat a personal savings plan. Payments to wallets are prompt in the system.

To be frank, it has been a worthwhile experience.

Presently, members count of MMMBSC is over 43, 500 and still counting. It was about 700 when I joined the system.

Now, with my PAX (USD-D), I can swap it to any crypto currency on the Blockchain.

This community is like no other system and it is unique in so many aspects which I will mention below:

1. It’s a global platform

2. It uses one currency – PAX (USD-D) – it’s a stable crypto currency which serves a hedge against volatility.

3. Recommitment measure to prevent speculators or hit and run participants.

4. Minimum Provide help (PH) is $10

5. Maximum Provide help (PH) is $10, 000

6. Automatic confirmation – it is in sync with your chosen wallet address. Meaning, no phone calls, no text message or going to the bank to face transaction stress.

7. No fake pop issue

8. It uses Smart Contract Technology (SCT) thereby blocking fraudulent practices

9. Jackpot fund to ensure no loss in the event of restart 2% donation to the community reserve.

10. On line web service by every participant.

11. Privacy

12. Checkmate of Guiders excesses

13. Bonus burn to checkmate multiple account impacts

Meaning of Smart Contract - A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. They run on the blockchain, so they are stored on a public data base and cannot be changed. The transactions that happen in a smart contract is processed by the blockchain, which means they can be sent automatically without a third party.


MMM BLOCKCHAIN SMART CONTRACT has integrated MMM into Blockchain technology. Human beings are no longer in charge of managing the system as everyone is now a participant. No human being is in charge of dispatch where all sorts of manipulations are carried out thereby using pseudo accounts to cart away the community’s contributions through the back door.

THE PH AND GH ALGORITHMS are all controlled by the smart contract logic on the Blockchain which cannot be manipulated by anyone.

MMM BSC has a reserved fund provision called Jackpot fund. This jackpot fund is 2% of every amount provided as help by every participant in the system. It is a mandatory contributions from every member in the system. 0.8% of this jackpot fund is accessible to the community’s management office for the growth, development and maintenance of the system which means that admins will never touch participants money rather they take the 0.8% of total amount paid as jackpot fund and also utilise the bonuses generated from their structures being the overall upline in the system. The remaining 1.2% of this jackpot fund is used to pay last set of provided help in the system in the event of a restart in the future. There will be no late comer in MMM BSC.

In MMM BSC, there is RECOMMITMENT. You must recommit the same amount you PHed or higher but not below and pay out 50% before you can GH your matured money.

With this policy, there will always be money in the system to enhance continuity, so no room for speculation or hit and run in MMM BSC. All members of the system will be loyal participants.

In MMM BSC managers who are the top leaders with good bonuses must PH an amount equal to the bonus they want to GH from the system and pay out 50% of it before GHing their available bonuses.

With this, no Leader will PH 10 dollars and GH 100 dollars as bonus as they have always done in the previous traditional centralised systems which always drain liquidity in the system.

In MMM BSC, your contributions grows at 0.8% - 1% daily and no participant will get more than 30% growth in the system unlike the previous systems where money grows unlimitedly.

In MMM BSC, participants or guiders can’t run referral scheme due to the implementation of bonus burn policy in the system. The bonus burn policy ensures that what you earn in the system is commensurate with your personal contributions.

In MMM BSC, the system confirms every PH and GH payments automatically. No need of uploading proof of Payment which means no FAKE pop (prove of payment) in this system which is one of the factors that contribute to panic. You don't need to call anyone or their uplines to confirm your transaction and system saboteurs who always create dummy accounts.

In MMM BSC all data pertaining to the system are made transparent through the adoption of blockchain smart contract technology. Nothing is hidden to the participants because all data can be queried and verified by anyone. No cheating, no falsification, no fake news or manipulation of information or data to deceive participants unlike what all traditional system does behind the scene to defraud the participants.

Together we can make the world a better place. Long live MMMBSC!

Click on the link to register:
https://www.mmmbsc.global/[email protected]

For quick guide, message me on my whatsapp line: +234 815 973 3654
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