Think through Life By Don Nelson!

Don Nelson

Staff member

⚜Life is in fact different every second, minute and day because it is a flow through an experience of feelings by the person who live.

⚜The fun about life is that the person who is experiencing life as feelings is not reality. The person is only a self-evolved illusion.

⚜This is the unknown fact about human being who misunderstand that human person is the body.

⚜Body is only a platform which is real to support the existence of the illusion called I am.

⚜Because of thoughts that take us from the reality of this moment we do not enjoy the life as an innovation that happens every moment.

⚜Moment is the depth of existence which is infinite reality.

⚜On the other side human being is the only existence of being the infinite illusion.

⚜We call that illusion MIND. It is provided as a tool to exit from the infinite ignorance to the holisttic knowledge of supreme conscience.

👉Your life is at the current position because of your mind set and direction of thinking.

👉 You think is only money you need for Financial freedom? It's not money. Your financial freedom starts with your mind set for what a man have never imagine not foresee, he can't archive it

👉 Sergey Mavrodi's aim is to make you mentally rich and then give financial freedom through mutual aid. For with a rich mind set, you can turn $100 to $1,000,000 and more.

👉Join MMM BSC today and see everyone around you as your brothers and sisters. Give always for blessed is the hand that giveth than the hand that taketh.