The mutual aid system needs to circumvent five model vulnerabilities

Don Nelson

Staff member
1⃣. System creator cheats and steals money, and misappropriates funds to cause continuous restart of the system.(A centralized system is the evil that triggers the greed and selfishness of system managers.)

2⃣. Participants can run away from money through speculation.(Bank, what happens if the user only withdrawals and no one deposits?)

3⃣. Team leaders register multiple accounts to continuously collect bonuses at the detriment of the systems health.(The system designer did not circumvent the loophole, which would trigger multiple accounts for greedy and selfish people to take bonuses.)

4⃣: Mavro's insane growth spurt.(Mavrodi launched the MMM_Global_Bitcoin system in 2014, achieving unrealistic growth of 100% per month. He announced the global shutdown in April 2016, claiming it was a test system)

5⃣. Design a high bonus system thereby becoming a huge burden on the system to bear.(Designers use the high bonus to induce more greedy and selfish people to join the system quickly. But it can damage the health of the system beyond reasonable limits.)

🔯 These five problems are the main causes of the lack of funds. This causes the system to die quickly and restart repeatedly.(But greedy and selfish participants and leaders like this system model. They think they can make money quickly.)

🌠MMM BSC took note of these aforementioned vulnerabilities and inculcate different measures to avert them in this system. Join us now don't observe for too long because this is the right system to explore fully and participate with trust and confidence!