The Core Logic of the Powerful Loop Mechanism of MMMBSC!

Don Nelson

Staff member
1️⃣. How to restrict speculators from fleeing the system to avoid milking it?

▪️Answer: GH requires 1:1 freeze PH funds. i.e Before one can GH a new re-PH needs to be made to unlock the matured PH.

2️⃣. How to restrict PH Mavro's unlimited growth?

▪️Answer: Adding a one-day freeze period for every 2 PH orders made without mavro growth for the extra day added.

3️⃣. How to limit the unlimited growth of bonuses?

▪️Answer: To GH Manager Bonus requires a 1:1 freeze on PH funds.

4️⃣. How to restrict the leaders from registering multiple accounts to collect bonuses?

▪️Answer: A particular number of direct referrals and the total number of teams is required in the promotion assessment.

5️⃣. How to restrict the concept of Upline making small amount of PH and taking huge bonuses from structure?

▪️Answer: Bonus burn system, calculate the bonus percentage according to the small amount of PH of the Upline. To get more bonuses uplines needs to make reasonable PH amount.

6️⃣. How to solve the lack of funds in the late stage of the market?

▪️Answer: The prize pool fund rewards a group of participants who have finally provided PH value at the time when market is weak can winn 5-10 times as reward in the jackpot fund.

7️⃣. How to restrict panic and false news?

▪️Answer: Blockchain smart contracts match payment and automatic confirmation. 100% of the payment is due.

All real data can be queried and audited in the Ethereum blockchain browser. No false news. You can verify the position of the system on the blockchain.

8️⃣. How to restrict system creators/admins from cheating and stealing funds?

▪️Answer: The decentralized technical attributes of blockchain smart contracts illuminate the darkness of the financial world. Nothing is hidden as smart contract technology adopted illuminate the system.

9️⃣. How to solve the vitality after the system restarts?

▪️Answer: The system restarts reserve funds to activate the new vitality of the market. There is a special reserve to kick start the system again even in the event of a restart.