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Hi Friends.

If you’re looking for ways to crisis-proof your livelihood, today’s Post is for you.

You see since 1900, there have been many many recessions. Some were bad, and some were really bad. And through all that, there has been One Sector that made it through every single time.

Let me show you what I mean:

August 1918, Post-World War Recession:

Right after WW1, severe hyperinflation in Europe took place. This was a brief but very sharp recession and basically it happened because after the war there were less jobs available since production for the war had ended and there was less to produce.

Plus, all the soldiers that arrived home needed work too which created very high unemployment.

During this time the world was completely shattered from the war and you'd think nothing was certain but look at this.


🖕This is Coca-Cola advertising their drink in 1919.

Even though advertising wasn’t very sophisticated during those times, some of the biggest brands were able to grow by selling their products and services in editorials and newspapers.

August 1929, The Great Depression:

A banking panic and a stock market crash on October 29th 1929 marked the beginning of this recession. And since the world was committed to the gold standard, the government couldn’t simply print money to bail businesses and people out.

This was definitely the worst recession in the 20th century. And many many people went through unspoken sufferings.

But still during that time, more and more companies started advertising. In fact, the 1930s is proof of how advertisements are able to influence and sway the decisions of people all across America (even when the economy was at its very worst).

May 1937 Recession:

The Recession of 1937 is considered minor if you compare it to the Great Depression, but it is still one of the worst recessions of the 20th century.

Production and profits declined sharply. And unemployment jumped from 14.3% in 1937 to 19.0% in 1938.

Yet, advertising just became more and more commonplace.

December 2007, The Great Recession:

This one is a lot closer to home. When the mortgage crisis led to the collapse of the United States housing bubble, so many people lost everything.

It was devastating. Maybe you experienced loss or large financial setbacks during this time too.

To help start the wheel turning again, the government responded with an unprecedented $700 billion bank bailout and $787 billion fiscal stimulus package.

Since then, things have been getting better, and advertising online has made many into self-made millionaires (including myself).

But now we’re in another recession. And this one might not go away soon...

March 2020: The Global Downturn

I just read the following online:

Based on reports for The United Department of Labor, as of April 9, 2020, more than 16 million people had been put out of work in the United States in just three weeks.

Total U.S. corporate debt in November 2019 reached nearly $10 trillion, equal to a record 47% of the entire U.S. economy. And globally, $29 trillion in corporate debt existed in February 2019, with one-quarter becoming due within five years.

And those are some scary numbers if you compare them to the previous four recessions.

Let’s face it, these times are very hard. And people are looking for some form of security in a world where literally anything could happen right now.

So what does advertising have to do with recessions? And what exactly is this skill I’ve been talking about?

Crowdfunding — This is the sector That Survives Recessions,

You see, even if cash gets tight, Countries needs donations the same way humans needs food. Without Donations Countries will find difficult to survive. And that’s why the Mutual aid systems (making Donations) will never die.

Donations are too valuable to Human lives.

Countries, Organizations and Communities will always find money to Donate in one way or the other because without it - they hardly survive. There is no law against Donation anywhere in the world.

If that makes sense, and you want to recession-proof yourself with a Community of Donation Exchange that has survived many many recession. Then Join MMM Blockchain Smart Contract today Today.
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