MMMBSC Model Mechanism

Don Nelson

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✍️No speculation, no panic, no run-on, no runaway, no cheat

▪️1. Advance Payment: By creating a PH (Provide Help) order, 50% advance payment will be matched within 24hrs and you will get 1% income per day in the queuing period.

▪️2. Balance: The balance of your PH order will be matched randomly in 1-15 days; your PH order will be unfrozen at the 15th day of making full payment. In the frozen period, you will get 1% income per day Up to 15 days’ income in the queue Up to 15 days’ income in the frozen period.

▪️3. Every 2 PH orders will extend the frozen period by 1 more day, but no yield will be increased in the extended days.

▪️4. To apply for GH of manager bonus and GH of main PH, you need to associate with the equal amount of frozen orders. It means you need to recreate a new PH order to unlock your matured fund for GH. This is applicable to both Manager bonus and PH

▪️5. GH of recommendation/referral award 5% and Leadership award up to 11%; No need to associate with frozen order. Meaning you can GH your referral bonuses and Leadership bonus without having to recommit for it to encourage as active promoter.

▪️6. The amount of each PH order can only be equal to or greater than but can not be lower than the amount of the previous PH order. No manipulation!

▪️7. Bonus burn; The smaller of the amount of your frozen order and the amount of the team members’ PH application orders shall be adopted for calculation.

▪️8. If the leader has not provided a PH order but team members have provided a help order, the leader will not have the bonus. Guiders can't milk the system without contributing to it liquidity pool!

▪️9. PH’s minimum help is $10, and maximum help is $10,000, PH order and GH order are multiples of $10 to accommodate everyone.

▪️10. An additional reward of 5% is given for the first help, which is available for unfreezing together with the PH order. Take advantage of it.

▪️11. The 51-tier manager award leads you to financial freedom and helps you to realize your dream! All now depends on you alone ! You will determine your earning power yourself!

▪️12. Limit on PH application amount: $10 to $2000 for the first PH order, but after the first order is frozen, further PH order amount can be up to $5000.

▪️13. Jackpot funds model overcomes the problems such as run-on due to panic. This reversed thought enables the last batch of help providers to win 5 to 10 times’ award. So in this system no fear of restart.💪

▪️14. It Uses the cryptocurrency- PAX which is anchored to U.S. dollar at 1:1, which is suitable for freely global transaction in real time, Participants will have no risk of ups and downs of cryptocurrency price. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is one of the factor that do discourage many to participate in bitcoin. With adoption of this stable currency then the issue of volatility is removed completely.

▪️15. Blockchain smart contract technology restrains managers from dishonesty, cheat, stealing money and running away, and puts an end to managers’ control of the system.

▪️16. Mechanism mode and rule close the door to speculations of participants; it’s impossible for dishonest participants to damage the system cycle on purpose.
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