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  • MMM Mutual Aid Fund Innovation Model 6.0 helps people to get rid of money shackles and obtain financial freedom.
  • Continuing Mavrodi’s mission, emancipating the minds of people under financial enslavement, and making the spiritual soul free.
  • MMM Mutual Aid Fund Innovation Model 6.0 is based on blockchain smart contract technology and carries forward Sergey Mavrodi and Satoshi Nakamoto’s great financial revolution.
  • Complete financial revolution and ultimately - Financial Apocalypse: destroy the world's unequal financial order, break the old world, build a new world and make life free!


  • A fair and conscious global community of ordinary people based on the principles of equality and mutual help.
  • MMM Blockchain Smart Contract system will accomplish three positioning targets;
  • In the field of blockchain smart contract, will make itself the most perfect in integrating mutual aid and continue to carry forward MMM.
  • In financial field of mutual aid, will make itself the most perfect in blockchain smart contract application and continue the technological revolution.
  • In the field of blockchain smart contract mutual aid, will make itself the most perfect in finance and technology enlightenment and carry forward Sergey Mavrodi and Satoshi Nakamoto’s great financial revolution.
  • Consensus verification: To create a real cryptocurrency of wealth rather than a virtual consensus symbol.
  • Value application: To create a payment system of global cryptocurrency characterized by free circulation without restriction by national barriers.
  • Sharing ecology: To develop 5.0 underlying application technology of blockchain smart contract, realize global financial technology sharing, change the deceit situation in the global banking financial field, and let the world full of falsehood and deception return to true sincerity. To achieve decentralization and de-oligopoly financial system, and establish a fairer, opener, more transparent, authentic and sincerer financial world.
  • Film and television culture:MMM Financial Pyramid Film is the embryonic form that liberates people’s enslavement thought under financial bankers. In the future, we will produce a series of MMM Financial Pyramid Films to expound the truths behind financial banks. Through the film and television culture, Sergey Mavrodi’s thoughts and ideas will be spread to the world to wake up more enslaved people. Let us change the world together!
  • Literature and art:creative works of Sergey Mavrodi for the whole life have been translated into many versions of different languages to spread to the whole world through the community. In this greedy and material world of no soul and human indifference, human spirits and souls can find their new home through literature and art. Sergey Mavrodi’s works are another expression form of his soul. He has hundreds of literary works, tens of songs and tens of entertainment videos.


  1. Mutual help - "today you help and tomorrow you will be helped". It’s the main principle of MMMPerson-to-person capital circulation in society without war or bloodshed;
  2. Benevolence;
  3. Reciprocity;
  4. Selflessness;
  5. Fellowship and involvement;
  6. Cooperation;
  7. Solidarity;
  8. Integrity;
  9. Equality;
  10. Fairness;
  11. Gratuitousness;
  12. Trust;
  13. Confidence in tomorrow’s day;
  14. Financial enlightenment;
  15. Transparency;
  16. Decentralization.
1) Technology-based smart contract.
2) Wealth-based financial model.
3) Spirit-based mutual aid community.
4) Soul-Emancipating mind.

Together we can do a lot!
We are changing the world. And we will change it!
Everything will be MMM!
Financial Apocalypse is inevitable!

Welcome to the MMMBSC Community!
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