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🔹After Sergey Mavrodi death, there were various models of MMM mutual aid fund systems around the world, but which was MMM's successor?

🔹MMM outage was designed to avoid the sacrilege of Sergey Mavrodi's ideas.

🔹MMM BSC is actually the best option because it completely retains Sergey Mavrodi's ideology and mission. MMM's thoughts, missions and faith will go as long as the universe exists!

🔹Whoever can profoundly interpret Sergey Mavrodi's thoughts, missions and faith, walk into his life, feel his soul, integrate with his thoughts and missions, and continue to fulfill Sergey Mavrodi's unfinished missions and aspirations will be the true successor of Sergey Mavrodi's thought password, and the promoter, pusher and leader of MMM Mutual Aid Fund Model!

🔹However, those who hold up the Flag of MMM Mutual Aid not only discard Sergey Mavrodi's ideology and missions, but also use MMM Mutual Aid Model as a tool for money accumulation. By the use of non-open or non-transparent centralized system information, no supervision and audit, and arbitrary addition of accounts for making collections, many dishonest system administrators disrupt market trust, deceive global participants, and make them completely trapped in a hoax of naked money game fraud. They are deceivers who sullied the thoughts of MMM's founder Sergey Mavrodi, culprits who make more people misunderstand MMM's Mutual Aid Model, and historical sinners who hinder the mind emancipation movement and financial revolution. So today MMM Mutual Aid Community members must sharpen their eyes and identify deceivers in disguise.

🔹Everyone has different understandings and perspectives of all the things in the universe and nature because of different cultural genes. In fact, the depth felt by the heart is the height of the life, and also the remuneration of the life.

🔹MMM BSC Mutual Aid Community is the greatest monastery of life, where you can feel the world and love more deeply, thus enhancing your life height!

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