Logical Analysis that will not restart for the next 3 years

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Logical Analysis that will not restart for the next 3 years

1️⃣. Two bubbles: Interest and bonus!

🔴①Interest: More money earned, less interest reaped.

Answer: 2+1 model. Every 2 PH orders will extend the frozen period by 1 more day, but no yield will be increased in the extended days. The more your PH orders are, the more money will be made,but the frozen period will be extended, so the interest becomes lower. The “2+1” model could restrain interest bubble from expanding infinitely.

🔴②51-tier bonus: Manager Award backflow:

▪️Generation 1 recommendation award 5%: No limitation on withdrawal, The award will be released immediately after full payment of PH order of the team member.

▪️4-tier leadership award 11%: No limitation on withdrawal ,The bonus is released immediately after the member PH order is thawed.

▪️Inverted triangle award model: 5% for Generation 1; 1% for Generation 2; 2% for Generation 3; 3% for Generation 4.

▪️51-tier Manager Award 19.2%: Limitation on internal cycle.

▪️The member PH order is released and the bonus is released immediately.

▪️The GH Manager Award 1:1 is related to the freezing of funds.

▪️The higher the manager award is, the more the backflow fund will be. The more your PH orders are, the more money will be made, but the frozen period will be extended, so the interest becomes lower.

2️⃣. Two factors of long lasting and short durance:

⚫️①Internal cycle: Compulsive internal cycle mechanism!

👉Compulsive internal cycle mechanism puts an end to speculators’ flight of capital:

👉GH principal, you need to associate with frozen fund of equal amount at 1:1.

👉GH manager award, you need to associate with frozen fund of equal amount at 1:1.

👉Restrict large capital from free inflow and outflow for speculation:

Each participant’s contributions amounts increase by step

⚫️②External cycle: How to strengthen the external cycle?

👉Multiple combinations of advantages attract external market!

👉Attraction of the mechanism model - No restart for 3 years!

👉Smart contract closes the door to the system’s cheat on money!

👉The income of 1% per day in the queuing period !

👉51-tier bonus leads you to financial freedom!

👉Financial revolution and technological revolution enlightenment!

3️⃣. Two factors of collapse:

🔷①Run-on due to panic: How to solve this problem?

👉Run-on comes from spread panic and loss of trust!

👉Panic comes from the spread of false news and slander!

👉Smart contract system is completely transparent with open data.

👉Jackpot funds model: Reserve fund allows a great many of the last batch of help providers to get 5 to 10 times reward. Theoretically, there would be no latecomers. The last batch of participants could make money.

🔷②System closure: Steal all the money and run away

👉Centralized server system would surely steal money.

👉In theory, blockchain smart contract system runs and executes automatically, completely free from human control.

👉However, for non-open source smart contract system, no one can see all the logical codes of the execution of all the contracts. So, no one could know whether the execution logic of the system code is completely decentralized. It’s possible to steal all the money technically by backdoor code. Complete trust can be given only when the system’s contract code is fully open source, which allows people to validate if what system initiators say are honest and trustworthy

4️⃣. Basic knowledge of blockchain smart contract system:

👉①Blockchain smart contract system is not equal to decentralization.

👉②Decentralized mechanism model’s logic code is equal to decentralization.

👉③A wholly decentralized system must be the one with fully open source, similar to Bitcoin.

Blockchain Smart Contract Financial mutual aid system New financial nuclear weapons! An innovative model combining the financial revolution with the technological revolution!!!


▪️The MMMBSC manager bonus withdrawal needs to provide 1: 1 PH funds to unlock the bonus:

1️⃣: The manager award is returned to the system and can increase the amount of PH orders of the manager, so that Mavro continues to increase the revenue of each cycle. The return of the manager's award to the system makes his PH funds larger and larger, and Mavro's growing income is more and more. As you unlock more and more PH orders offered by the Manager Award the 2 + 1 rule makes the PH order freeze period longer and longer. While the freeze cycle increases, Mavro's growth does not increase. Disguise reduces the cyclic yield of PH orders. But your PH amount will become bigger and bigger, and your income will increase with the increase of PH amount.

▪️MMMBSC observes other MMM systems and finds that many systems have only designed a 10-tier team bonus for long-term stable operation. MMMBSC retains the 51-layer team bonus, which will not affect the long-term stable operation of the system.

▪️The logic design of MMMBSC not only lasts longer for the stable development of the system. At the same time, leaders can get the rewards of team growth. Everyone's manager bonus is unlocked to keep the funds flowing back into the system. After the manager bonus is unlocked, it becomes the PH order amount to increase personal income. At the same time, the leader can get the referral bonus / leadership bonus / manager bonus of unlimited cycles. This allows everyone to get more team bonuses in an infinite loop. I personally think that the logic of 1: 1 unlocking of MMMBSC manager bonus is a manifestation of wisdom. People without wisdom will never understand the wisdom behind MMMBSC logic. The height of your thinking determines your judgment of things.

2️⃣: Only greedy and selfish leaders will only focus on their own income and never focus on the overall long-term running logic of the system. Only when the system is running for a long time, leaders have enough time to form a larger team structure. After forming a larger team, the system can still run stably for a long time, and the leader can get more income for a longer time. Only when the system can run stably for a long time will the team trust you more and follow you faithfully.

▪️Everyone should understand the truth: wealth is not your eternal friend. Friends are your eternal wealth. The wealth difference between people is the difference in cognition. I will never force anyone's mind to change. I can only attract friends who resonate with me at the same frequency. There is no difference between right and wrong in this world. Everyone has different choices. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, this matter will not change greatly due to your approval and disagreement.

▪️Because the formation of the universe coexists with relativity. Black and white. Night and day. Sun and moon. Evil and good. Right and wrong. Agree and disagree. At the same time, if one factor disappears, the other factor will disappear with it. So if you don't understand or agree, I don't have time to convince you. Time is the only way to witness the truth. Similar to the launch of Bitcoin. 10 years has proven it. It doesn't matter if you understand it or not, and whether you agree or disagree, it will still happen and exist.

▪️Trust MMMBSC the way you trust your financial institutions then we shall witness the miracle of this financial revolution