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♻️⚜️The logic design behind MMM BSC is to end greed and set ordinary people financially free from the shackles of the world.

♻️⚜️MMM BSC is designed to plant the seed of selflessness in people and to eliminate Greedy from as many as who can see the truth and embrace it.

♻️⚜️MMM BSC is here to promote Mavrodi's ideology around the globe to countless people who are yet to fully understand things happening around them and how they are being slaved by the Government all over the world.

♻️⚜️MMM BSC has come to organise and unite the core believers of Mavrodi's Ideology and to let them know that Mavrodi's ideology didn't die with him but still lives on. For that is what will bring financial freedom all over the world and liberate mankind to being pure, transparent and selflessness in everything they do in life.

♻️⚜️MMM BSC wants you to understand that Every good has evil and every evil has good. Every war won was because of the countless lives that were lost in the process, for the greater good.

♻️⚜️All light has darkness and all darkness has light. Without each other, they cannot co-exist. This is why we’ll never have “World Peace” or “World Chaos”.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦We need to learn from both the good and the bad. Rains can be pleasant to watch and experience but also be dangerous. A left has a right. If it doesn’t, then why is it called “left”?

♻️⚜️Don’t try to see Good and Bad as a duality. The philosophy behind this is not to see things as good or bad. What is good and bad anyway? This was all created by us. “Positives” can be found in “Negatives” and vice-versa. Nothing is ever good or evil.

👊Take the case of a kitchen knife. What you use it for matters. It’s all about the perspective. It can cut vegetables, yet it can kill a human being. So what do you use your own Kitchen Knife for?

🐆A lion preying on a weaker animal🦒. What came to your mind first? Did you feel sorry for the prey or were you okay with the fact that this is how nature works as the lion also needs food in order to survive.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦We are part of a greater wisdom; a higher order. Knowing and accepting the fact that everything works in cycles will only make you more optimistic. I Don Nelson has come to accept that Fact. What about you?

By Don Nelson.


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