Local currencies mutual aid systems

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📮Local currencies mutual aid systems & Traditional cryptocurrency centralized mutual aid systems suffers the followings

👉 Disappearance of substantial amount of first PH contributions since its paid to the system owners/admins of the system which is never returned to the system or accounted for!

👉 Fraudulent admins adding pseudo bank accounts/wallet addresses behind the scenes to steal members contribution through the back door popular called firewall arrangements in local currency platforms when there is much PH in the system to reduce the PH queue

👉Fake proof of payment issues use to sabotage the system by system saboteurs and during panic periods leading to system collapse

👉Non confirmation of payment in a timely manner by participants affects trust and confidence in the system.

👉 CRO untimely address of operational issues arising in the system discourages participants.

👉 Payment circle easily disrupted by panic due to the laxity of it's operating mechanisms.

👉 Government and Media propaganda against the system are easily carried out and impact the system easily.

👉 Banks trying to fight the system freezing accounts noticed to be participating in the system affects the system.

👉 Data, information, records are easily falsified since no means of verifying such in a centralised system

All these flaws has been taken care of with the adoption of smart contract technology in MMMBSC blockchain smart contract system which has integrated MMM system into blockchain smart contract.

Don't Trust, Verify!

🌈In MMMBSC blockchain smart contract system everyone can see the real data of the system verifiable on the ethereum blockchain. That's something that centralized systems can't do or won't even like to do due to their hidden agenda to manipulate and steal from members contributions. The imitator system fears being monitored by the participants. Because they are thieves. So they don't want participants to see their ugly, greedy, selfish behavior. They cannot see the light in their deeds. They deceived all the participants. And steal the participants' money through the back door by adding pseudo accounts which belongs to the admins using it to mop up PHs anytime they feel like especially at the beginning of the system and at the time there are excess PHs orders in the system which they never returned back to the system when the system need its which is tantamount to capital flight very inimical to system health hence part of the reason they are short lived.

💫All operating costs of MMMBSC come from 0.8% of the discovery fund. This is open and transparent data that can be queried on the blockchain. This money is publicly available and used for system development and maintenance, marketing hype for development. Salaries of coordinators and administrators, etc.

💥I would like to ask, is such a transparent and open system what every participant wants? Are they willing to be cheated of their money by a centralized system? Why don't they leave the centralized system that steals their money?

💫MMMBSC the most honest and transparent system I have ever seen. Bring your team into this transparent, reliable, sustainable and honest system where you can earn that extra income with peace of mind.

🌹Data is constantly growing gradually experiencing an organic growth, and no beautiful language is used to tell how healthy the system is, and blockchain data won't deceive anyone unlike many other mutual aid system out there still using the old failed centralised traditional system where all sorts of manipulations exist behind the curtain. They are not bold to tell their participant the true data of the system because their intention is to cheat and manipulate!

🌹A true data is better than your expression of a thousand words. All MMM BSC system data is transparent and verifiable on the ethereum blockchain as the underlying technology for the system hence no cheating nor manpulation in this system. Only the fool will try to cheat openly!
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