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Don Nelson

Staff member

📮 Have a functional Email

📮 Have a Functional ethereum wallet that support PAX e.g Imtoken wallet, Myetherwallet, Metamask etc. The system uses Pax cryptocurrency which is a stable token that doesn’t fluctuate like bitcoin hence protect participant contributions against volatility.

📮 Register on the website or using your referrer's Link

📮 Login to your PO

📮 Add your ethereum wallet address that supports PAX which you will be using to GH in the system e.g Imtoken wallet, Myetherwallet, Metamask etc. Note that wallet address once added to PO cannot be changed again.

▪️Once you save it then click verify to get the wallet verified. To verify the wallet you should send 0.001eth to the given wallet address on the system. The 0.001eth should be sent from that wallet address you are trying to add to your PO. Once verified you will see it on the Account section that the wallet has been verified.

📮 Click Dashboard and Click Buy Mavro. The Buy Mavro button is used to pay the 2% of the amount you intend to create as PH which goes to the Jackpot fund. e.g you intend to PH 100 PAX, then you buy mavro 2% of the 100 PAX = 2PAX. So it means when you click Buy mavro you indicate to buy only 2 PAX. Don't make mistake using buy mavro button as PH button. They are different buttons.

▪️The system will Match it for payout so proceed and send the PAX from the wallet you have PAX. Remember you can pay for order from any wallet where you have your PAX. Once you send the PAX and it’s successful in your wallet then go to your PO and click (I have paid).

📮 You can now click Provide Help button to indicate the actual amount of PH you want to create.

▪️The system matches 50% immediately. Its advisable you make payment between 24hrs so that your daily mavro growth will be 1%. If you pay after 24hrs-48hrs then your daily mavro growth will be 0.8%. The system encourages early payment. So get used to it. Once you send the PAX and it’s successful in your wallet then go to your PO and click (I have paid).

▪️The balance of 50% can be matched anytime between 1-15days. Once you send the PAX and it’s successful in your wallet then go to your PO and click (I have paid). When you pay the balance, the mavro will be unfrozen 15days after the day you fulfilled the 50% balance. So you will get daily mavro growth for all the period the money is frozen for. Once its release no growth again!

📮 Now to GH the unfrozen PH+mavro growth, you need to recommit by creating a new PH order. This new PH order you are creating must not be less than your previous PH but can be higher. 50% of the recommitted order will be matched instantly, once its paid you can now create GH for the unfrozen PH+30% reward that you have in the system. Failure to recommit GH can't be triggered.

📮 This is how the PH & GH circle continues.

📮 You will get 5% extra reward on your first PH in the system.

📮 Referrer Bonus is 5% and can be GH immediately once its available.

📮 Leadership bonus of up to 11%. Leaders in the system can GH their bonuses as well without having to recommit same amount for it. But before they can be credited bonuses they need to have an active PH in the system even if it’s the minimum pH of $10.

Manager bonus of uo to 19.2%. Managers need to have a bonus recommitment before they can GH bonuses in the system.

📮 Start with an amount that's easy for you to meet.